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Your business needs a partner that can help secure your data through the best cloud storage and backups available. Virtual hosts (VMware | Hyper-V) are available to virtualize your business into the cloud. 

Hosted BDR offers hands-on personal service, guaranteed protection, and affordable pricing.

Why Hosted BDR

Save Money

Hosted BDR is more affordable than other Cloud data solutions. Our trusted partnerships, scale, and business model allow us to be more flexible than other cloud solutions. We can offer a more cost effective solution than similar solutions with AWS and Azure.

Secure Your Data

Data redundancy and replication ensures safe, secure data no matter what happens. Cloud-based backups and personal service ensure business continuity.

Access Anywhere

Access your data anywhere in the world through cloud storage – no need to worry about natural disasters or power outages. Your data will be global!

Grow Your Business

We’re growing as fast as you are. As you scale, Hosted BDR scales with you. No matter how many terabytes of data you have, we can protect it.

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