Data Protection

Data Protection (DP) plays a key role in Business Continuity. Whether the conversation falls in the direction of Backups, to Data Deduplication, to Replication or to a true separate Disaster Recovery (DR) facility, Hosted BDR is honored to partner with you in these endeavors. Although DP may not be everyone’s favorite topic to talk about, it is omnipresent within the fabric of our technological world. Give us the opportunity to earn you trust in protecting your business and your data today.


  • On-Prem and Cloud
  • Hosted BDR is a registered partner and reseller of multiple DP solution (including Quest and Veeam)
  • Licensing, Management, Compliance
  • Deduplication

Disaster Recovery

  • Full Disaster Recovery (DR) integration
  • Separate/Secure/Redundant location
  • Maintain failover clones of your production physical and/or virtual servers
  • Access to easily scalable hardware infrastructure
  • Ability to specify separate retention policies to effectively meet your RPO needs
  • Endless resources accessible at conceivably instant access