Dell AppAssure has been sold and is currently supported as ‘Quest Rapid Recovery.’ We currently offer solutions for Rapid Recovery as the old Dell brand of AppAssure have mostly been EOL’ed by Quest. The support/options that we offer for Rapid Recovery can be found here:

Rapid Recovery

How it works:

  • Utilizing the Replication feature built within Quest Rapid Recovery or Dell AppAssure you can send your backups offsite to our centralized/secure servers
  • Once backups are taken and committed to your repository your core will authenticate to ours and sync up your backups/recovery points
  • The cores can be configured to store more or less at either the source or the target to meet the needs of your business
  • Daily checks will be performed to ensure the integrity of your data


  • A second copy of backups stored a separate/secure location
  • Access to easily scalable hardware infrastructure
  • Ability to specify separate retention policies to effectively meet your RPO needs
  • Offsite Replication is included in your existing Quest Rapid Recovery license

Why choose HostedBDR:

  • Leverage years of experience in supporting the Quest Rapid Recovery and Dell AppAssure product lines
  • Accessible, customer focused staff


Virtual Standby