Terms and Conditions


  1. Customer Agreement – The use of services from Hosted BDR are subject to the terms and conditions listed below, and are subject to change.
  2. Passwords/Credentials – The customer is solely responsible for maintaining the passwords for the services provided. There may be a service account that resides within the leased resources for maintenance purposes, however if the credential for that account gets compromised, Hosted BDR is not responsible for any lost and/or compromised user credentials.
  3. Copyright – Any use of Hosted BDR’s trademarks, services, or content without prior written consent is strictly prohibited.
  4. Digital Intrusion – Protection of digital intrusion of online resources is not the responsibility of Hosted BDR. Clients are encouraged to take measures to protect their leased resources. Hosted BDR IS NOT responsible for any loss of service and or data due to malicious digital attacks.
  5. Billing – Statements will be sent out on the 1st of the month. If not received by the 21st of the month a late fee may be rendered unto the account. Statements may be delivered via paper or electric format.
  6. Privacy – For information on privacy please see our Privacy Policy.
  7. Terms of Use – The use of our services are subject to the Terms and Conditions listed in this document, and are subject to change.
  8. Warranty – All services rendered are delivered “as is” and are not covered by any sort of warranty and/or guarantee. Both the physical hardware and the software that reside upon the leased resources are property of Hosted BDR and are not owned in any way shape or form by the client. No warranty for the services is rendered. Should a client place their own digital media upon a leased resource of Hosted BDR, that resource’s ownership is still retained by the client, however that is limited to any media not purchased/leased from Hosted BDR. There may be a time or period of time where services are unavailable, there is no guarantee or reimbursement for such periods of time. Hosted BDR is not responsible for any loss of any property or damages incurred, regardless of reason.