Hosting Services

Hosted BDR has virtual resources pools and hypervisors available for lease in order to either expand your Data Protection portfolio or to provide you the bedrock to build your cloud computing. Hosted BDR provides direct access to VMware vCenter and the resources pools needed for computing, or we can provide Hyper-V hosts if you so desire.

 We provide unlimited bandwidth with no egress frees. Hosted BDR does charge fees for I/O utilization either. You pick the amount of RAM and pair it with the storage required and that determines your rate.

If you have a need to keep virtual clones available ‘in the Cloud’  we can help you meet that need. We lease both Hyper-V and VMware (ESXi) hosts available for use of Disaseter Recovery (DR). Furthermore as authorized Veeam Service Providers we can provide you that turnkey solution to integrate with your existing Veeam infrastruture. 


These are a sample of the packages that we offer, any package can be customized to meet your demands

Pricing reflects discounts applied with the inclusion of a signed Service Agreement (SA)