Hosted BDR vs. Azure

Hosted BDR is armed and ready to meet your Data Protection needs. We have preconfigured servers, loaded up with the backup solution of your choosing ready for lease. Unlike the competition we strive to provide you with a turnkey solution to give you one less thing to worry about.

The key differences between choosing to send your backups or store your virtual machines with Hosted BDR rather than with MS Azure are that Hosted BDR offers you:

√ Pre-configured Servers (OS and Software)

√ Unlimited data caps

√ No data transfer fees (incoming or outgoing)

AWS (Amazon) Azure (MS) Hosted BDR
Pre-configured Servers (*) No No Yes
Unlimited Data Caps No No Yes
Data transfer fees Yes Yes No
Unrestricted Bandwidth No No Yes
Extra Fees for Failover Yes Yes No
Remote Access Yes Yes Yes
Staff available for DP Product support (**) No No Yes
High Availabilty Yes Yes Yes
All Flash (SSD) Ready Yes Yes Yes
Clearly Defined Montly Costs No No Yes

Hosted BDR is ready, equipped, and eager to partner with you to provide your cloud hosting needs. Whether you are in need of a remote Data Protection target, or you need an extension of your local infrastructure and need an ESXi or Hyper-V host in the Cloud, we would be honored to build you a private cloud today.


  • Preconfigured, ready to go servers
  • Turn key availability, little to no customization needed
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • No Cap limits
  • Straight forward pricing to limit Month End surprises

Why choose Hosted BDR:

  • Extensive knowledge of Data Protection practices and solutions
  • We have accessible, customer focused staff that are available and able to assist
  • Years of experience with virtualization, specializing in ESXi and Hyper-V

(*) The Hosted BDR servers are pre-loaded with the Data Protection software of your choosing, with repository already identified and remote access configured.

(**) Hosted BDR employs staff members that are training and well verses in the Data Protection products hosted. We have Quest and Veeam partnerships to maintain, and deliver high quality service and support to our customer base.