ESXi (VMware)

How it works:

  • Providing an ESXi cluster with direct vCenter access to a designated Resource Pool and VM folder we provide a private cloud with full ESXi functionality
  • Dedicated internal VLAN with distributed switching available for specialized routing
  • Personal datastore to keep data private and secure


  • Cloud based ESXi to provide either another layer of redundancy to your existing network, or to extend your infrastructure into the cloud
  • Access to all flash infrastructure
  • Access to easily scalable hardware infrastructure, additional CPU/RAM/Storage on the fly
  • Dedicated resources ready to be integrated with existing vendor software needing port acess to the ESXi kernel

Why choose Hosted BDR:

  • Leverage years of experience within the VMware product lines from our certified staff members
  • Accessible, customer focused support
  • Higher ROI when compared to other full feature VMware solutions

VMware Resource Pools

These are just some of the more common packages that are offered. We can customize a VMware resource pool based upon one’s specific needs. We’d be delighted to speak with you regarding how Hosted BDR can provide you with your very own VMware ESXi cluster today!