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Configure Veeam Cloud Connect

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This KB article covers how to connect a local Veeam installation with our cloud connect server here at HostedBDR.

  1. Open up the Veeam console

  2. In the bottom left hand corner ‘click’ on Backup Infrastructure

  3. From the menu above ‘click’ on Service Providers

  4. In the middle window pane ‘click’ on Add Service Provider

  5. For the DNS/IP address type in the address of:

  6. If you want HBDR to be able to administer your onsite jobs click the check box for ‘Allow’ at the bottom

  7. When asked to accept the certificate, click ‘Continue’

  8. To the right of Credentials click ‘Add’

  9. Type in the username and password provided by your cloud provider. Click ‘OK’

  10. Click ‘Apply’

  11. This screen shows you the resources allocated to you, click ‘Apply’

  12. Click ‘Next’ to confirm the settings to the database

  13. Once complete click ‘Close’

  14. That finishes the Cloud Connect setup. Now the resources from the Cloud Provider will show up within the console as local, selectable infrastructure