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Rapid Recovery Agent Uninstall (Full)

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At times you may need to do a full removal of the Rapid Recovery agent. This could be because you are removing the solution from an operating system, or it could be because you need to repair a failed change log, either way you can do the following steps to accomplish the task.

If you need to do a removal in order to repair the change log to fix ‘access denied’ errors, you could do the following.

*** WARNING *** This WILL create a new baseline image.

  1. From the Rapid Recovery Core Console remove the protected agent from protection but DO NO delete the recovery points
  2. Sign into the protected machine that you want to remove the agent from
  3. Open up the Control Panel
  4. Open up Add/Remove Programs
  5. Choose the Quest Rapid Recovery Agent and ‘Change’ or ‘Modify’ it
  6. When the wizard launches, choose to remove (don’t repair) the agent
  7. Click the checkbox to remove all configuration
  8. Uninstall the agent
  9. Reboot the computer
  10. Log back in and re-install the agent manually (be sure to use an agent version that is the same version of your core, or under)
  11. Reboot
  12. Log back into the computer and open up services, once the agent service has started sign back out
  13. Open up the Rapid Recovery Core and protect the agent computer once again. The existing recovery points will line up afterwards